Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Matilda

Thursday, May 05, 2005



Sydney Morning Herald

Conflicts of interest (October 30)
Clicking with voters (October 9)
Burning Down My Masters' House (May 1)
Simpson and his insane donkeys (January 24)

Sun Herald

Questions for John Pilger (December 19)
'Democracy' at a terrible price (November 28)
Herzl's Nightmare (September 26)
A Certain Maritime Incident (August 29)
War of words: how President Bush got it wrong (August 8)


How Australia reported Arafat's death and legacy (November 28)
Murdoch and the marginals (October 4)
Closing down dissent, by AIJAC and SBS (September 24)
Sleeping lies dogging the media over Iraq (June 23)
al Jazeera awakens the Arab world (June 9)
The latest casualty: Webdiary's interview with Phillip Knightley (May 23)
Manana journalism after Jayson Blair (May 13)
Joseph Wilson: the Webdiary interview (May 5)
How America's media backs Bush's war (April 28)
Mordechai Vanunu: the price of truth telling (April 26)
Memo for a saner world (April 19)
Tools to stop them engineering your consent (April 8)
Dumped and stateless on Manus Island (April 1)
The New York Times' role in promoting war on Iraq (March 23)

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